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About Us

maths tutorsThe importance of education cannot be stated enough. It is a self-enlightening process. It is crucial to the overall development of an individual and the society at large. At Master Education, we simply share the minds of each and every parent in the world about their child’s education. The company name “Master Education” was formed to enhance this idea and emphasis our mission. Master Education tutoring was formed to help all learners in all grades who struggle to understand their academic work. We are here to teach the learners of what they do not understand, and make sure they understand the work which they claim to understand in school. We are here to guide the learners on how to study, to find out what their problem lies and correct them. We are here to make sure that the learner fully understood the knowledge and become a responsible ‘A’ student. At Master Education, we have a team of highly qualified Maths tutors, Accounting tutors and tutors of all subjects all grades standby ready to guide your child to success.

maths tutorsWe believe that in order for a learner to excel, he or she must have an excellent foundation in the core subjects such as Mathematics and English since Primary school or High school. In our experience, we found that many of the learners do not. This is due to various reasons. On the education system, children programmes make too much fun of schools, and teachers themselves not having a passion or drive to teach. On the learners side, students tends to lose focus when they do not understand in class, as well as most of the learners are often shy to raise their hands to ask questions in front of everyone. Factors as such lead many learners misunderstand important concepts in the class because they do not receive the necessary attention. New sections are often then introduced to the learners while they are still trying to absorb the previous concepts. This leads learners to fall behind with their academic work. If this is the case for a single subject such as Mathematics, imaging the stress of all subjects together.

maths tutorsAt Master Education, our one-on-one tutoring service can remedy the above factors by providing the learners with full individual attention of a knowledgeable and dependable tutor. Our mission at Master Education tutoring as just as our name stated, we aim to provide the highest quality tutoring services to your child, making sure that he or she masters the work learnt from school, and guide them step by step with what they are struggling with, to ensure the knowledge is fully understood. We believe that every learner has the potential to be an ‘A’ student. So with us, we can awake that learning potential within the learner and leads them towards their brightest future.

So, if your child needs a math or science tutor, or help with any of the subject, why not try to get hold of us? At Master Education, results and successes have been proven. About 99% of the learners have shown a dramatic improvement so far.

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